“Melissa” Honey Workshop
Local products

The honey workshop “Melissa” (which in Greek means “bee”) started operating in Kefalos, on the west side of the island of Kos, in 2009.

It belongs to the Drosos family, who have been involved in making honey for over a century. We produce and manufacture our own, very aromatic honey, combining traditional methods of production with modern technological procedures in packaging and exporting our products. We strive to offer the best quality Coan honey, which is not only meant for our customers, but also to nurish our own children.

“Melissa” honey is the result of a harmonious co-existence of humans with nature, of the old and the new. It is the experience and knowledge of the grandfather, handed down through the son to the grandson...

At our honey workshop we have created a range of products which include thyme honey, pine honey and heather honey.

We also produce wax cream, renowned for its beneficial properties, as well as candles from natural beeswax.

VHF Channel 77
Entrance 36° 53′N 27° 18′E
Telephone +30 22420 44150
Address G. Papandreou Str, Kos Greece
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